We are the Ghana-Haarlem Foundation

The Ghana-Haarlem Foundation is there for anyone who finds it exciting, meaningful and interesting to raise awareness of Ghana and Ghanaian culture. Where possible, our foundation tries to support the development of Ghana by providing assistance with projects in the fields of: education, health care, water supplies, hygiene and welfare. The foundation has also set the goal of promoting the integration of Ghanaians living in the Netherlands, by familiarizing them with Dutch regulations and by eliminating lingual difficulties.

This is what we do

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Healthcentre in Buoyem

The residents of Buoyem and surroundings can come to this center for medical help and advice from professional nurses. All personnel employed at this clinic are paid by the Ghanaian government.


Mother Theresa Care & Educational Complex

The Mother Theresa Care & Educational Complex has become a well-known concept in Techiman, Ghana. The complex not only offers primary education, but also transfer to Junior and eventually Senior High School.


Community center in Buoyem

The community center in Buoyem is the latest project of the Ghana Foundation. As soon as it is ready, the center will function as the heart of the village. Village gatherings, funerals, weddings and other ceremonies can be held here.


Toilet utilities and water supply in Buoyem

A building with a total of 30 toilet bowls, separated into a male and female section. There is also running water and the possibility to shower. This shower facility is mainly used by students.

Healthy Living and Safe Education – since 1995

Kids in School

Clean Drinking Water

Child deliveries

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