We are the Ghana-Haarlem Foundation

Ghana Foundation is for everyone who wants to contribute to the development of Ghana. From the Netherlands we support the natural growth of this beautiful country with various local projects.

As a foundation, we are not afraid to think big. This mentality ensures that we achieve goals with our projects that initially may seem impossible.

Our proud Mother Theresa school provides hundreds of young children with good education. Various wells provide villages with clean drinking water and our medical facilities contribute to the creation of a healthy living environment.

 We think of the long term when setting up and executing our projects. The facilities that we try to realize for a community are made to provide a benefit for generations to come.

Local Projects

The development process of Ghana is very complex. In order to make a maximum contribution as a small foundation, we have chosen to focus on local projects. This way, we can guide the projects ourselves from start to finish and adjust them if necessary.


It is important to us that our projects become self-sufficient at some point. By this we mean that the project is no longer dependent on influences from our Foundation. This allows us to shift our attention to new challenges without having to give up old projects.

Our Team

Jackson Opon-Nimoh

Jackson Opon-Nimoh


Jackson is the driving force behind the Ghana foundation. His unprecedented positivity is the foundation of many successful projects. As a Ghanaian, Jackson knows exactly what Ghana needs and is determined to contribute to the development of his homeland. From preparation to execution, Jackson is an expert on local projects.

Ruby Hoenderdos

Ruby Hoenderdos


Ruby is our super secretary! In her busy life as a student at Utrecht University, she always knows how to find time for the foundation. Her inspiring look on things and creativity make Ruby indispensable when setting up new projects.

Chris Opon-Nimoh

Chris Opon-Nimoh


Chris has been spoon-fed his love for Ghana. And with that, also the urge to contribute to the development of Ghana. Goal oriented, Chris welcomes all challenges on his path with open arms.

Kevin Geneugelijk

Kevin Geneugelijk

Digital Marketing

With enthusiasm and a big heart, Kevin strives to bring the world to Ghana through touching stories and inspiring messages. With his talents and skills he contributes daily to the ever growing and widely known foundation.

Jade Hoàng

Jade Hoàng

Social Media Specialist

Jade has a hearth that is made for Charity. She does not hesitate to set the welbeing of others as her number one priority and devotes herself completely to the work of the Ghana-Haarlem Foundation. She will always ensure that top quality work is delivered and that we as a foundation keep pushing our limits.

Our Policy

To give you an insight into the management of our foundation you can download and view our policy plan below.

Annual Financial Reports

For all those interested, the most recent financial annual reports can be downloaded and viewed below.