Mother Theresa Care & Educational Complex, in Techiman

The Mother Theresa Care & Educational Complex has become a well-known concept in Techiman, Ghana. The complex not only offers primary education, but also transfers to Junior and eventually Senior High School.

However, all this did not just come out of the blue. In 2007 Mother Theresa was still outside with a class of 70 children. On this page we take you back in time and show you how the Mother Theresa Care Complex came into being.

2007 – The beginning

In October 2007, the Ghana Foundation comes into contact with Mother Theresa, a retired teacher with a dream to make education accessible to every child.
In Techiman, Mother Theresa had taken the initiative to teach children who, for whatever reason, could not go to school, outdoors.
With the help of the Ghana Foundation she was able to further realize her dream. This happened with the construction of six classrooms, an office and a toilet, under the name Mother Theresa Care & Educational Complex.

2008 – The Opening

The opening of the primary school was a great success. Children of less fortunate parents received their deserved chance of primary education and a safe place to have fun.
To make the most of the space, evening classes in reading, writing and budgeting were given to adult women who had not been able to go to school before. This allowed them to take steps towards their own independence.

2013 – Een uitbereiding

At noon, meals are being cooked for the currently 360 students. However, the kitchen became inadequate for the growing number of students. On top of that, applications had to be rejected because the classrooms became too full.

In 2013, the Ghana Foundation therefore decided to expand the school. A new project was set up to build three additional classrooms, water supply, toilets and a large kitchen. After this expansion, there was room for 560 children between 4 and 12 years old to attend primary education.

2015 – Official Recognition

The now independent management board of the Mother Theresa Care & Education Complex received official recognition from the municipality of Techiman in 2015. What was still a dream in 2007 is now, less than ten years later, reality.

2016 – A New Challenge

In 2016, the management board established that the amount of students transfering from stage 6 (8th grade) to secondary education is low. The most likely cause for this is that there is no Junior High School nearby. For students who want to continue learning, this means long, and often expensive, travel time. Something that parents often can’t provide for.
The board of the school works hard, together with the Ghana Foundation, to find a solution for this.

2017 – Junior and Senior High School

In consultation with the Ghana foundation, a piece of land is purchased in 2017, 400 meters from the primary school, in order to add a Junior and a Senior High School to the Care & Education complex. Once again, the dream is big: a three-storey annex with a total of 12 new classrooms.
The construction of the ground floor can start immediately. As soon as it is completed, it is put into operation. This gives the Ghana foundation time to prepare for the construction of the 2nd and 3rd floors.

2019 – Junior and Senior High School are ready for use

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